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Our cake eater is a piggy who likes cakes, so he went on a journey to look for cakes. When he finds it, there are a number of obstacles and traps that he can not overcome.

It's just YOU who can help piggy overcome various obstacles, collect all the cakes and get home safely.


This is the first game since the creator of DuriProduction Games, it is only in the early stage of development.

Later full version of the game will also be downloadable for Android.

I hope you enjoy it!


If you liked the game, you can support her with a little bit of a donate to keep going. You will also support other games that you advance.

Donate us: http://www.paypal.me/DuriProductionGames

Folow us on: https://www.facebook.com/DuriProduction-Games-1055555837978642/

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Game was fine, simple and good.

Thank you :)

what about powerUp maybe pig have more chance to survive from getting hit by spider not the spike

(2 edits)

so he will have HP and survive 2 bites from the spider? I have more ideas but i need to buy pro version of program, but i need 200$ :/

Yes, so the free version could make a game like that? wow! unlike me. i made my game myself from pure java

sorry man! i cant help you more than that :(

(1 edit)

It is ok, but thanks for some idea to upgrade my game :)